YouTube SUB Previewer

Watch every youtube video with the your own .sub or .srt file.

NOTE:This program needs a JavaScript File API support. (Do not work in IE and Safari. Please use Firefox or Chrome or Opera)


First Step:

Browse your .srt or .sub file and load it.

SRT or SUB filename: Encode:
SUB or SRT is not loaded:

Second Step:

Specify the YouTube URL and Get the Video. (or .sub [FILEPATH] tag can specify the YouTube URL)

YouTube URL:

Third Step:

Just push the play button !

YouTube movie will be displayed here.

SRT Text will be displayed here.

Tips: You can seek the video by clicking the caption list box.

Tips: If you want to translate the subs, the browser extensions that help translating (e.g Google Dictionary, Weblio extension etc...) is effective.

Reort Bug

Send a message from this form or mention to @fantakeshi or comment this blog post(Japanese).

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